The Politics Of Fuel Price Increase -By Owei Lakemfa

* VIEW POINTS WITH OWEI LAKEMFA   The price of Premium Motor Spirit, PMS, also known as petrol, or fuel is ever on the increase in our oil-soaked  country. But it has its own logic which is usually wrapped in layers of deceit. It has become an endless   political game. General Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida who ruled for eight years, has been the More...

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By netssng On Saturday, January 6th, 2018

The Day the US departs the UN -By Owei Lakemfa.

VIEW POINTS WITH OWEI LAKEMFA When I was in the Governing Body of the United Nations International Labour Organisation (ILO) representing African workers, I made a checklist of countries and their ratification More...

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Wanted: A Ministry of Leisure, Pleasure, Enjoyment and Happiness. -By Owei Lakemfa.

VIEW POINT WITH OWEI LAKEMFA   The combustive human enthusiasm between the establishment of Spain’s Ministry of Sex and the Ministry of Happiness and Couple Fulfillment in Imo State is only tempered by Saudi More...

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Tragic is a country in search of heroes -By Owei Lakemfa.

VIEW POINTS WITH OWEI LAKEMFA Nigeria, a country of 183 million people hardly has heroes accepted by all. A culture of opportunism, lack of principles, parochial politics, ethnic jingoism and uncultured elite, has More...

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Blending with the changing colours of the world -By Owei Lakemfa

VIEW POINTS WITH OWEI LAKEMFA   When leading academics, serving and retired diplomats, journalists, labour leaders and civil society activists gather to discuss Nigeria or the world we live in, sparks are More...

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Charlie Chaplin, The Tramp and Donald, The Trump -By Owei Lakemfa.

    VIEW POINTS WITH OWEI LAKEMFA    Charlie Chaplin, The Tramp was a little, downtrodden man in baggy trousers with a mustache, bowler hat and carrying a cane. He was poor, powerless and bewildered.  More...

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Conversations with myself -By Owei Lakemfa

VIEW POINTS WITH OWEI LAKEMFA I had long conversations with myself last week on the future of my country to which I have pledged my loyalty, to be faithful, honest and defend with all my strength. Four events triggered More...

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Centenary of the Bolshevik Revolution: They Changed The World. -Owei Lakemfa

  VIEW POINT WITH OWEI LAKEMFA Map of Russia   The Bolshevik Revolution, Russian or October Revolution, one of the bloodiest, but certainly, the most profound revolution in human history will clock a More...

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Che Guevara: 50 Years of the Heroic Guerrilla. -Owei Lakemfa

As parts of the universe this  Monday, October 9, marked the fiftieth year Ernesto Che Guevara was summarily executed in a classroom in  La Higuera, Bolivia, my mind was on three  romantic figures who gave their More...

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Unpopular thoughts on my country. -Owei Lakemfa

There is a ground swell to punish hate speech in the country. Doubtlessly, societies evolve and what is acceptable today may be forbidden tomorrow. But hate Speech is like religion; it depends on your beliefs. If More...