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As Pere of Kabu-owei confers Chieftaincy title on Gov. Dickson and Former Gov. Ibori

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… Gov. Okowa, Gov. Dickson and Former Gov. Ibori affirms commitment to the Development of the South South Region


DELTA State Governor, Senator Dr Ifeanyi Okowa, his counterpart in Bayelsa State, Alaowei Seriake Dickson and former Governor James Ibori has expressed their commitment to the development of the South South region. They spoke during the conferment of Chieftaincy titles on Governor Dickson and Chief Ibori by the Pere of Kabu-owei Kingdomin the Pere/s Palace in Okuruware quarters in Patani local government area of Delta State.

From left; Delta State Governor, Senator Ifeanyi Okowa; former Governor of Delta, Chief James Ibori; Governor of Bayelsa, Seriake Dickson; the Pere of Kabowei Kingdom (Bayelsa and Delta State and his wife, at the Event.

From left; Delta State Governor, Senator Ifeanyi Okowa; former Governor of Delta, Chief James Ibori; Governor of Bayelsa, Seriake Dickson; the Pere of Kabowei Kingdom (Bayelsa and Delta State and his wife, at the Event.

“Our voice as a people will never be drowned, as a people, we will continue to take the pride of place in this nation, we will speak strongly for our people, we should ensure that our votes are in the direction where our people will be respected and our voice will be heard,” Governor Okowa said, asserting, “I believe that the way we are moving, we will never get it wrong for our people.”

Governor Okowa who commended the Pere of Kabu-owei for the titles, described Governor Dickson and Chief Ibori as two great sons of the Niger Delta region. He added, “it only takes a wise man to make the wise choice of recognizing these great men because, they are bold, strong, courageous and good advocates of our people.”

Governor Dickson in a brief speech, said, “Governors from the South-South region are bold and holds Chief Ibori in high esteem, I am aware Governor Okowa is doing very well and we will continue to speak with one voice in the region.”

Chief Ibori had earlier thanked the Pere for the titles, assuring that they will not let Kabu-owei Kingdom down in their interest and progress of the region.

“I am very interested in what goes on and we will continue to watch what goes on in the region, any referendum will be based on the interest of the region,” Chief Ibori who lauded the developmental strides of Chief Dickson and Senator Okowa in repositioning the socio-economic life of the people maintained.

The Pere in his speech stated, “a man who has done very well will be celebrated by his friends and we are proud of Governor Dickson and former Governor James Ibori.”

Governor Dickson was conferred with Izon-opute (Rock) Chieftaincy title while Chief Ibori bagged Tiemwei (Pillar) at the occasion which was attended by personalities from different parts of the country.


The Kabu people are a peculiar group of Ijaws in the Niger Delta Region found predominantly in Delta and Bayelsa States of Nigeria setting along River Niger and River Forcados.

As it were Kabu-owei today is divided into two for Political administrative convenience by a Boundary Adjustment Commission that places Five (5) Communities aliened to Bayelsa State and the other 12 Communities aliened to Delta State. From the upper end of River Niger we have Ekperiware, Elemebiri, Asamabiri, Trofani and Adagbabiri in Bayelsa State axis while Abari community made up of Preware and Asideni followed with Okruware, Afinaware, Orouware, Osouware. Ekise Nos 1 and Ekise No 2, then Ogeinware, Akoware making up Patani axis followed with Koloware and Aven in Delta State axis.

Historically Oproza has three sons by Bourara, namely: Gbarain, Kumbo and Kabu. Record has it that with three of his children, he migrated from Escravos River to Forcados River where he settled in a creek called Kabo-bulu. Because of the incessant abductions of their daughters for forceful marriage, they came out of the creek and settled along Forcados River. And because of internal squabbles fighting coupled with the quest for food, they spread along the river and part of River Niger at their present places of abode. Gbarain, Oproza’s senior son left to settle in Gbarain creek in now Bayelsa State and settled there to date while Kumbo, Oproza’s second son, found his place of abode at the down side of Forcados River having common boundary with his younger brother Kabu.

Kabowei Children are five. They are:







Kabowei Grand Children include:


Koloware            –        Pre-Eyigbelegha’s Children


Elemebiri            –        Obodian’s Children



Ala                       –        Ayinrna’s Children



Ekise                             –        Ogboloma’s Children


Asamabiri           –        Emgbile’s Children



The Kabowei Great Grand Children are:


Asideni                –        Ala’s Children



Osuoware            –        Engo’s Children



Akoware             –        Ekibiri’s Children




With herein explained facts there are 17 autonomous communities in Kabu-owei Kingdom with 5 in Bayelsa State and 12 in Delta State. The Pere who is the Royal father and Traditional Ruler resides in Okruware in Patani which is the headquarters of Patani Local Government Area of Delta State.


Kabu people communicate in the general Ijaw Language but have a peculiar dialect that is exclusive to them which the stranger who resides in the Kabu kingdom normally finds difficult to speak and so most times, they communicate in English language. This couple with the rapid urbanization taking place within the communities has placed the Kabu-Izon dialect in a danger of extinction.

From the records first King was Okruwareowei who got emblems from Bini Kingdom next was Aduo and lastly Eretini. The last in the long list of Kings is the current one, which is HRM Barrister Shedrack Erebulu, Aduo 111


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