Published On: Thu, Feb 22nd, 2018


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Image 1The Dickson Administration listed Health Care among the top priority sectors in the state. A leader who is passionate about the well being of the people, the Governor holds the strong view that the desired development of Bayelsa State would be a mirage without a vibrant an healthy populace to drive the process. He is a firm believer of the axiom ‘Health is wealth. It was therefore not unexpected that Dickson initiated innovative policies to take healthcare delivery to as many Bayelsans as possible.

To actualize this desire to provide an effective healthcare system, the Administration established the Baylesans State Health Insurance Scheme which serves as a guarantee to the health care providers in the State. As a mark of its determination to make impact in the lives of the citizenry, the Administration commits five percent of the State’s internally generated revenue as a worthy sacrifice for a functional and sustainable health care system in Bayelsa. The innovative scheme designed to prevent cases of avoidable deaths makes it possible for the civil servant and others to enlist in the programme with an infinitesimal part of their income which makes them eligible for the critical benefits of the scheme. Al-ready, a total of 300,000 families have been captured under the scheme apart from those from polygamous homes.

In his determination to make a bold statement in the health sector, the Dickson Administration initiated and executed targeted investments in the development of infrastructure in the health sector. Specifically, the Administration committed N25billion to the construction of a 380–Bed Hospital with specialist capacity; a world class diagnostic centre and an array of primary healthcare centers across the three senatorial districts of the State.

The Dickson Administration left nobody in doubt about its preparedness to re–write the story of misery and neglect that characterized health care provision in the state. It is incontrovertible that Bayelsa can boast of some of the best modern health facilities which have gotten to advanced stage of completion and commissioning. Such medical facilities which are ready for commissioning are the Hospital projects in Brass, Ekeremor, Sagbama, Kolokuma\Opokuma, Ogbia and Nembe.

The multi–Billion Naira Bayelsa Diagnostic Centre has all the trappings of World class facilities. The diagnostic centre, equipped with state of the art equipment plays a crucial role in the quest to prevent untimely death in the State. The facility built by the State government and handed over to the Americans for effective administration has without doubt saved thousands of lives due to early diagnosis of illness. The facility which is among the best in the country has been attracting clients from Lagos, Port Harcourt, Benin and other parts of the country.

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Similarly, the Dickson Administration expanded the Specialists Hospital at the Government House to avail the public the opportunity of quality health care services. Although the facility is built within the precincts of the Government House, the Governor directed the expansion of the facility to minister to the health needs of the people. Dickson holds the view that whatever is good for the governor, his deputy and members of their families should be good for the people. In line with this viewpoint, the government built a public wing equipped with telemedicine facilities for effective communication with doctors abroad for necessary consultations among others.

The administration also considered it expedient to take practical steps to curb the menace of fake drugs and its implications for the citizens of Bayelsa State. The establishment of the Bayelsa State Drug Mart and Pharmaceutical Centre was the Administration’s way of preventing the influx of fake drugs into the State. Already, the project that is for commissioning has commenced services to the populace. A visiting team from the Society of Gynecology and Obstetrics of Nigeria led by the President, Prof. Oluwarotimi Akinola, described the medical facilities in Bayelsa State as among the best globally.

Again, the Governor is taking more practical steps to deal decisively with the issue of the Health-care Services in the rural areas. He holds the view that the Health sector was too critical to be left in the hands of private individuals. Governor Dickson has vowed that the administration would provide properly equipped functional Clinics, with Doctors and Nurses quarters in all the 105 wards of Bayelsa State in 2018. Honourable Dickson is also coming up with a state policy to ensure a drastic reduction of maternal and infant mortality in the State. Already, plans are in top gear to further improve healthcare delivery by giving free medical treatment to all pregnant women in Bayelsa State.

Listed below are some of the land mark achievements in the Health sector during the period under review: The development and construction of World class Health-care Infrastructure  and equipment, establishment / commencement of Bayelsa Health Insurance Scheme; Bayelsa Specialist Hospital with Renal & Cardiovascular\Stroke Center, the Bayelsa State Diagnostic Centre, Construction of Modern Referral Hospital in five (5) LGAs in Bayelsa State, construction and commencement of Drug Storage and Distribution Center, construction of House Officer Quarters, in FMC Yenagoa, construction, equipment and furnishing of HIV\AIDS, Tuberculosis Centre among others.





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