Published On: Wed, Feb 21st, 2018

BAYELSA STATE: SIX YEARS OF SOLID ACHIEVEMENTS … Future Assured – By Daniel Iworiso-Markson

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To all Bayelsans and friends of our dear Bayelsa State, I want to humbly felicitate with you as we celebrate the sixth year anniversary of the Restoration Administration. Interestingly the anniversary date, February 14th, is the Lovers’ Day otherwise known as the Valentine’s Day. So it is with great love that I also want to share some thoughts with you on the state of our State and of course the leadership and achievement in the last six years.

Daniel Iworiso-Markson Honourable Commissioner for Information & Orientation Bayelsa State

First I would like to thank God for His mercies and keeping us alive till this day. Let me also thank the Governor’s Media Team and the entire members of staff of the Ministry of Information and Orientation for their dedication and sense of purpose in this course of renewal. Yet the good people of Bayelsa State deserve a loud applause for their understanding and support as we look into the future with greater success and accomplishments by the Restoration Administration ably led by Governor Henry Seriake Dickson.

No doubt, the last six years has been a watershed in the state. I recognize it’s been challenging but the important thing is the resolve of our leadership to make a difference. Today, six years down the lane, history has been made. So we want to use this occasion to duly acknowledge and appreciate Governor Dickson for his sterling stewardship that has changed our collective story in Bayelsa State, making what may have been thought impossible in the past now possible. The pervading optimism is now giving our people a shared hope for a brighter tomorrow. Clearly situated, this is the power of leadership and vision.

In the true spirit of the anniversary, therefore, I think everyone who has followed the remarkable turn-around in Education, Healthcare Delivery, Infrastructural Development and Empowerment in the last six years will agree with me on the substance of my introductory remarks above. The impact of the Restoration Government is REAL. I think we can better relate with our developmental strides when we realize the import of current investment on Education, Infrastructure and the rest on future socio-economic growth of Bayelsa State. From all indications, the next foreseeable years will come with so much improvement in the quality of life for the people. This is a major point of considerable effect on why government exists and what should really matter in our evaluation of leadership as harbinger of change. To all those who can see beyond bread and butter, government is strategically building society not only for today’s relevance but also for the greater good of making Bayelsa State competitive and prosperous in the nearest future.

That is when our people can better appreciate the true meaning of current free education policy, building model boarding schools, provision of scholarships at home and abroad, enhanced investments in tertiary education and indeed the economic sense of striving to build roads and bridges across the Bayelsa State, in spite of the huge cost of building and equipping Public Hospitals, Health Centres, Solid Empowerment to unleash the creative energy of our people in business and such ground-breaking ideas of building the Bayelsa State International Airport. The future of Bayelsa State is really very positive and I am inclined to believe resolutely that this Restoration Government has done a beautiful job in the last six years.

Bayelsa State has been truly restored to its pride of place as the Jerusalem of the Ijaw Nation and a beacon of hope for the entire country. In all of this, I think we have our leader and very dynamic governor to thank for his leadership and vision. Through thick and thin, he has led by example, strive tirelessly and resolute as he doggedly pursues his goal despite criticism. The governor surely knew where he’s heading to and looking back now, he has made a distinct success of his mission. Without doubt, he has made us all proud. And we cannot but notice the way and manner through which Governor Dickson achieved his quiet revolution in Bayelsa State. It is a lesson in effective leadership: liberal, focused, very determined and responsible. His leadership style and understanding of governance have helped in no small way to facilitate this trend of success after success in the last six years and I think he deserves accolades from all of us.

We have seen a common trend of innovative leadership, breaking from the past as we know it and establishing fresh template of modern ideals both in policy and programmes to integrate development in the State. We have seen a culture of civilized engagement with the people and even with opposition without recourse to brutality or abuse of office. The government and its leadership have been thoroughly civil as it should be in democracy. Surely things are looking up in Bayelsa State. The future is assured through strategic planning, innovative ideas, well thought out policies and programmes and far-reaching human capital development designed to create a quantum jump in socioeconomic narrative of Bayelsa State in due course. It won’t be long but with a lasting impact.

I think we should also commend Governor Dickson’s policies of inclusion, making his government to serve the overall interest of our people even ensuring the broad interest of the Ijaw Nation. That’s the reformer’s sense of what I call the NEW POLITICS, an idea whose focal thrust is ONLY development. It is antithetical to politics of waste and brigandage. No vendetta of any sort. This I think is the way forward for our dear state. All things considered, therefore, now is the time to give greater support to the Restoration Government, the government of the people, as it races to the end. This is important in order to do more and finish strong. From the initial virulent criticisms to the success story now attained, we can see the difference, leading to sustained peace and stability in the state. Of course we know the story of our recent past making it imperative for us to say never shall we return to our sordid Egypt. I think this is the most important point to note as we reflect on the six years of solid achievements by the Restoration Government in Bayelsa State. And I promise there’s more to come. Happy Anniversary!





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