Published On: Wed, Feb 14th, 2018


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Map of Nigeria showing South East Region


IGBO YOUTH ASSEMBLY- the apex social-cultural, economic and political youth organization in the Seven State of IGBO land and the voice of IGBO Youths who’s main objectives is to promote, preach and advocate for National Peace, Unity, Integration, Security and Development  of Nigeria, has condemned and debunked the falsehood publications of the enemies, distractors and miscreants under aegies of Advocacy, Niger Deltans for Accountability and Good Governance (NDAGG) which called on President Mohammadu Buhari to sack Brig. Gen Paul Tarela Boroh (Rtd), Special adviser on Niger Delta Affairs and Coordinator of the Presidential Amnesty Programme (PAP) and to replace him with a credible Niger Deltan.

The Apex Igbo Youth organization and voice of the Igbo Youths- IGBO YOUTH ASSEMBLY hereby call on the President Mohammadu Buhari and Federal government NOT to heed to the nefarious, criminal, wicked, fraudulent and unjust demand to sack Brig Gen Paul Tarela Boroh (Rtd), Special adviser on Niger Delta Affairs and Coordinator of the Presidential Amnesty Programme, as these are enemies and distractors of the government and good gesture of a well-respected, honoured son of the soil. Any attempt to heed to the call or demand of these elements, militias, distractors, miscreants vandalizers of public properties in the Niger Delta region and instruments of secession, disintegration and Disunity of this great country Nigeria to sack Brig Gen Paul Tarela Boroh (Rtd) will not augur well to the relative peace noticed in the Niger Delta.

The actions and inordinate approach by this group is tantamount to public/National peace and Unity because all their allegations and information’s links to respected and valued Brig. Gen Paul Tarela Boroh (Rtd) and his dutiful, committed, selfless, accountable, Transparent aids: Mr. Erepade Fidelis Beggi, Mrs. Faith Omofoma, Dr. Kenneth Ekeghie and Lt Col. Olusegun Opeyemi Okungbure are all FALSE and LIES as there are no proof of their claims and allegations of any kind. We direct the security agencies to arrest this miscreants and elements because their actions can lead to crisis and danger to Public Peace and Unity.

For their information and notice, Brig. Gen Paul Tarela Boroh (Rtd) is a leading light in this administration as he has done more than expected, through his leadership, the Amnesty programme offers JOB TRAINING and DONATIONS; some of it takes place in oversea countries for more than 30,000 ex-militants and Niger Delta indigenes.

Through his efforts and the activities of Presidential Amnesty Office, Oil pipeline vandals have surrendered, Militants like the  Avengers, and other Militias groups have surrendered and have successfully been integrated into the Presidential Amnesty programme and they are receiving job training and cash donations as at when due.

All the funds release to Brig. Gen Paul Tarela Boroh (Rtd) are judiciously use and are all accountable. He is not corrupt and can never be corrupt. Records have it that due to the efforts of the likes of Brig Gen Paul Tarela Boroh (Rtd), the Nigeria State have come out of recession, as there is a great rise and increase in the Oil production since last year, as he has brought normalcy in the Niger Delta creeks as in recent times which had led to rise and increase in Oil production. These are some of the evidence of the achievements and efforts so far recorded.

Brig Gen Paul Tarela Boroh (Rtd) love and services to Nigeria is next to none. He has risk his life for the security of lives and properties of Nigerian so much, hence we recommend him for National honour and award. His achievements are enormous and great in the National Peace, Unity, Security and Protection of Nigeria Economic Property, that is why the detractors are jealous of him with his achievements.

Brig.-Gen. Paul Boroh happens to be one of the best government officials in this administration, The IGBO YOUTH ASSEMBLY here by recommend him for more promotion, elevation and recognition to a man who has played a key role in the economic recovery of Nigeria to come out of recession. An adage says “one good term deserve another”.

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