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February 12, 2018



Our attention has been drawn to a statement published on Vanguard News Paper on February 11, 2018, credited to the Honourable Commissioner for Oil and Gas, Delta State, Hon. Mofe Pirah, where he was reported to have asked the good Ijaw people Gbaramatu Kingdom to seat in a round table with the Omadino people to negotiate on what should be the name of Okerenkoko, an autochthonous Ijaw enclave. He further maliciously labelled the Ijaws of Gbaramatu Kingdom as ‘settlers’ who, according to him must discuss percentage with the people of Omadino concerning the Nigerian Maritime University, Okerenkoko.


Ordinarily, we would have slept over this statement as it is not the first provocative avowal from some members of the Itsekiri stuck. But considering the exalted position of Hon. Mofe, who is a member of the State Executive Council and by the virtue of his position saddled with the responsibility of maintaining peace and security in the state. Hence, our response is keen.


It stirs wonder why a Commissioner for Oil and Gas who by the virtue of his position is not only a representative of the Itsekiri ethnic group, but all other oil producing communities in the State including the Ijaws and the Urhobos, to leverage on such lofty portfolio, fit for just detribalized individuals to convey the sentiment of some section of the Itsekiri people who are bent on owning modern day slaves in furtherance of the defunct British imperial rule system.

Hon. Mofe’s call for the Ijaws of Gbaramatu to share percentage with the Itsekiri further establishes the fact that the Itsekiri people are indeed famous and heroic in their land grabbing spree and a further evident that the Itsekiris have no single stake in Okerenkoko as it is only a person who do not naturally birth a child that will seek for his/her division as evident in the Biblical case between two women who took to the Palace of King Solomon over the rightful ownership of a child.


We are miffed that Hon. Mofe Pirah as a member of the State Executive Council and as part of the kitchen cabinet of the Governor now pretends not to know how the land for the establishment of the Nigerian Maritime University was acquired from the Okerenkoko people by the previous Governor Dr. Emmanuel Uduaghan, his own kinsman. Perhaps, Hon. Mofe may have forgotten the due processes the land acquisition followed before compensation was duly paid to the Okerenkoko people as the rightful owners of the said land. One would wonder where was Hon. Mofe when all these processes were legitimately concluded?


It is expected that before now, Hon. Mofe ought to have decided to either choose to be the voice of good peace in the State as a Commissioner representing several tribes or continue to remain an Activist for some Itsekiri people. More so, it is double standard and hypocritically for the Honourable Commissioner to pretend to have been calling for peace when in actual fact he is subtly peddling structural violence against the good Ijaw people of Gbaramatu Kingdom. We advise His Excellency Sen. (Dr.) Ifeanyi Okowa to, as a matter of urgency call Hon. Mofe Pirah to order. The Governor should ask Hon. Mofe to either choose to continue to occupy his current office in the State as a detribalized person representing the Ijaws, Urhobos and Itsekiris or immediately resign from same to fully assume the Itsekiri Sectional Activist position he is currently occupying.


We the good Ijaw people of Gbaramatu Kingdom cannot continue to watch Hon. Mofe to leverage on state apparatus to fight against the interest of Ijaw nation. Put straight, no Gbaramatu leader will for what so ever reason seat with any Itsekiri Community to discuss sharing formula on what so ever benefit or project coming to Okerenkoko land, as this very act questions our collective existence as Gbaramatu people which we owe blood allegiance to defend.


Furthermore, we reiterate that His Excellency Sen. (Dr.) Ifeanyi Okowa should sanction his Commissioner for Oil and Gas as this will exonerate the Governor from the tribal bigotry displayed by Hon. Mofe against the peace loving Ijaw people of Gbaramatu Kingdom to avoid us to think aloud that the Honorable Commissioner may have spoken on behalf of the Delta State Government which he represents by the virtue of his position.



Signed For the IYC, Gbaramatu Kingdom Structure:


Doubra Wuruyai



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