Published On: Thu, Feb 8th, 2018


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Ex-Agitators on Tuesday, February 6 threatened to return to the Niger Delta Creeks to wreck more havoc on Nigeria’s Economy if the Coordinator of the Presidential Amnesty Programme, Brig. Gen. Paul Boroh (Rtd) is sacked from Office.
The Ex-Agitators handed down the threat during a peaceful protest which began at the Marine Police premises in Warri.
The Ex-Agitators also matched through the ever busy Warri/Sapele road, chanting solidarity songs, bearing placards with inscriptions such as,”Boroh has done well”, “Politicians don’t cause problems in Niger Delta”, “Niger Delta Youths be wise”, “Politicians allow EFCC to do their job”, “We stand with Boroh”, “Politicians leave Boroh alone” and “Stop dragging Boroh’s name to the mud”.

The Ex-Agitators who came under the auspices of the Delta State Chapter of the Niger Delta Ex-Agitators for Peace Organisation, led by Comrade Friday Iyorakpo said they don’t want the Amnesty boss to be sacked.

They warned that there will be no peace in the region if President Muhammadu Buhari listens to the greedy and self centered politicians who are allegedly scheming for the sack of the Amnesty boss.
Speaking on behalf of the group, Comrade Ernest Abuja, said Brig-Gen. Paul Boroh should be left alone to do his job in the Amnesty Office, stressing that Gen. Boroh is Amnesty personified.
Abuja, who spoke in pidgin English said, “Na Boroh be Amnesty. If Boroh nor dey, Amnesty nor go go front.
Another beneficiary, Favour Ebiebo, who spoke on behalf of the women unit of the Ex-Agitators said they’ve benefitted immensely from skill acquisition programme of the Amnesty Office since Brig-Gen. Boroh assumed office.
“We have benefitted a lot from Paul Boroh since he became Coordinator of the Presidential Amnesty Programme. We have benefitted a lot through Paul Boroh. I am doing hair dressing because of Boroh. I have saloon because of the Amnesty Programme. We are begging politicians to leave Boroh alone. We are pleading with those politicians to leave him alone.
As women from different communities are pleading with politicians to leave Boroh alone.”
An Ex-Agitator, Comrade Bosman Ambi Amuda stated that Brig.Gen. Paul Boroh is the only one that understands the pains of the men at the grassroots, saying that, “he understands the Amnesty programme”.
Amuda said politicians are trying to cause problems to ensure the sack of Brig Gen. Paul Boroh from the Presidential Amnesty Office. He noted that the choice of Boroh as Coordinator of the Presidential Amnesty Programme, is the best thing has happened to the Niger Delta region.

“If  Boroh is sacked today, a lot of aggrieved youths in the Niger Delta will return back to creeks to cause more havoc in the Communities and Country.”
Amuda also appealed to the disgruntled politicians to consider their actions, stressing that fresh crisis in the region will not favour the country when the Ex-Agitators retaliate.
In the same vein, another Ex-Agitator, Godfrey Ogboghren said politicians are only trying to blackmail Brig.Gen. Paul Boroh.

He called on President Muhammadu Buhari to wade into the matter and do the needful, pointing out that they least expected the moves by politicians.
“We have to move forward. Let President Muhammadu Buhari look into this matter and leave Gen. Paul Boroh in Office.”
A Beneficiary of the Amnesty Programme, Comrade Mike Gomero noted that there has been relative peace in the Niger Delta since Gen. Paul Boroh assumed Office.
“Those greedy politicians trying to remove him from Office want some money. They want him to come and lobby them. That is why they are fighting him.
“With Paul Boroh, we are satisfied. You can see from this January things are going fine. Although, they were owing us some stipends, but for now, they have cleared everything. Let them leave him to work. He is the man that we want. He should continue his good work.

“I am calling on President Muhammadu Buhari to intervene in this matter very quickly because if anything happens, the Niger Delta will scatter and we don’t want that. We have been reformed, trained and that is why we are doing this peaceful protest right now.”

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