Published On: Thu, Feb 1st, 2018


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By Seigha Manijar

For about three weeks running now, Presidential Amnesty Programme office co- ordinated by Gen. P.T Boroh (Rtd.) in Abuja, has been in the news for the usual bad reasons.

Brigadier General Paul Boroh (Rtd) Special Adviser to the President on Niger Delta and Coordinator of the Presidential Amnesty Programme

(1) Boroh refuses to pay Vendors\ Contractors
(2) Boroh refuses to pay Ex- Agitators as at when due.
(3) Boroh is corrupt, because he must be carting away huge funds
(4) There is a huge connivance of top management staff in the office. Etc.
Following these and perhaps few other talks, there has been petitioners and the petitions, organised protests and rumours. The social media has been awashed with anti and pro-Boroh proponents. The employer therefore is worried and now asking “what’s gwan”
And since I am in Abuja, why not noose around and find out some facts about the imbroglio.
This is my major findings:
The budget as announced by the Federal government for the Presidential Amnesty program for the year 2017 was 65 billion naira only. So on the 31st of January 2018, I reached out to a reliable source to know the true situation of happenings at Presidential Amnesty office so far in this year 2018. (After about 4hrs), my source called back to say, they have only collected 1st and 2nd Quarter allocation of 2017 to date.

Hmmm, poor Boroh.
I tried to reach Gen. Boroh, but could not get through to him. I then tried to reach out to another source and my source simply told me there is no money and when I pressed further my source confirmed that they got part of last year’s money long ago, but that, as government officials they are just managing and sourcing money when and where possible to run the office. And I just WONDERED!

How would the office have been paying Vendors, Contractors and the Ex-Agitators with only part of last year’s fund?

Hmmm, poor Boroh and government work.
This is sad.

…Can someone close to the corridor of power help the Presidential Amnesty office?

…Can the committee over sighting the Presidential Amnesty office in the National Assembly lend a helping hand?

…What exactly can all of us in pursuit of peace in the Niger Delta do?

…Is Federal Government so broke that the Presidential Amnesty program cannot be sustained?

…What about the implications thereof.
I rest my case.

-Seigha Manijar

is the Chairman, Niger Delta Nationalities Forum Lagos –(NDNFL)

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