Published On: Wed, Oct 25th, 2017


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Pere of Kabowei Kingdom, HRM Peremobowei Shedrack Erebulu, Aduo III

The Presidential Amnesty office requests the Traditional Institution to ensure sustainable peace, stability and development of the Niger Delta Region.

It was a celebration galore, as the Deputy Governor of Delta State, Barr. Kingsley Burutu Otuaro on Monday October 23, 2017 presented the Staff of Office to the Pere of Kabowei Kingdom, HRM Erebulu  Aduo III.

The Special Adviser to the President on Niger Delta and Coordinator of the Presidential Amnesty Programme, Brig-Gen. Paul Boroh (Rtd) has again stressed the crucial role of the traditional institution in peace building, sustenance of cultures, mediation, maintenance of peace and stability.

The Deputy Governor of Delta State, Barr. Kingsley Burutu Otuaro presenting the Staff of Office to Pere of Kabowei Kingdom, HRM Erebulu Aduo III.

Being represented by the Head of Peace Building and Conflict Resolution in the Presidential Amnesty Programme Office Abuja, Mr. Tamara Mologe, during the official presentation of Staff of Office, to the new Pere of Kabowei Kingdom, HRM Peremobowei Shedrack Erebulu, Aduo III, by the Governor of Delta State, who was represented by his Deputy, Barrister Kingsley Burutu Otuaro, in Patani Patani Local Government Area of  Delta State on Monday, Gen. Paul Boroh commended the people of Kabowei Kingdom for their peaceful conduct at the epoch making event, as he mentioned that without peace, there would be no meaningful development.

Gen. Boroh reiterated the commitment of President Muhammadu Buhari to the socio-economic development of the Niger Delta region, describing the Traditional Institution as the building block (Bridge Builder) for meaningful dialogue, peaceful co-existence and National unity, adding that his office was poised to partnering with well-meaning individuals, organizations and agencies to institute peace education as part of efforts towards achieving sustainable peace and stability in the region.

Kabowei People of the Niger Delta Geography:

The Kabowei Clan which is made up of 17 communities today is severed into two States, Delta and Bayelsa States for Political and Administrative convenience by a Boundary Adjustment Commission with Five (5) of the communities placed in Bayelsa State and 12 other communities placed in Delta State.

The Kabowei communities in Bayelsa State which separated from that of Delta State  by River Forcados at the Southern end and the upper end by River Niger comprises of Elembiri, Ekperiware, Assamabiri, Trofani and Adagbabiri, while the Delta State axis consist of Abari town made up of (Preware and Asideni communities) then Okruware, Afinaware, Oruoware, Osuoware, Ekise made up of (Ekise 1 and Ekise 2) Ogeinware, Akwoware, Tareware, Koloware and Aven.


Kabowei people communicate in the general Ijaw language but have a peculiar dialect that is exclusive to Kabo clan. The other Ijaw elements from other Ijaw clans who live in the Kabowei kingdom find it difficult to speak the Kabowei Ijaw dialect hence English language is frequently in use in the communities. This has put the Kabo dialect in danger of extinction. Also due to the rapid urbanization of Patani particularly for to its being the Patani Local Government headquarter.

Added to the above is the fact that Patani has been the traditional headquarters of the Kabowei clan from time immemorial.


The Kabu people are a peculiar group of Ijaws of the Niger Delta Region found predominantly in Delta and Bayelsa States of Nigeria setting along River Niger and River Forcados. Oproza has three sons by Bourara, namely: Gbarain, Kumbo and Kabu.

With three of his children, Oproza migrated from Escravos River to Forcados River where he settled in a creek called Kabo-bulu. Because of the incessant abductions and kidnapping of their daughters for forceful marriage, they came out of the creek and settled along Forcados River. And because of internal squabbles and fighting coupled with the quest for food, they spread along the Forcados river and part of River Niger at their present places of abode. Gbarain, Oproza’s senior son left to settle in Gbarain creek in Bayelsa State and settled there to date while Kumbo, Oproza’s second son, found his place of abode at the down side of Forcados River having common boundary with his younger brother Kabu.

Kabowei Children are five.

They are: Pere-Eyigbelegha Ogboloma Emgbile Obodian Ayinma

Kabowei Grand Children include:  Tareware Koloware   -Pre Eyigbelegha’s Children


Elemebiri            –

Obodian’s Children



Ala -Ayinrna’s Children



Ekise       –  Ogboloma’s Children


Asamabiri  – Emgbile’s Children



The Kabowei Great Grand Children are:


Asideni                –        Ala’s Children



Osuoware            –        Engo’s Children



Akoware             –        Ekibiri’s Children




There are 17 autonomous communities in Kabowei Kingdom with Five (5) in Bayelsa State and Twelve (12) in Delta State. The Pere resides in Okruware Quarter of Patani, which is headquarters of Patani Local Government Area in Delta State.

The first king was Okruwareowei who got emblems from Bini Kingdom next was Aduo and lastly Eretini. The people of Kabu installed him as Pere who everybody could look up to as a unifying force. He reigned in the 14th century. This rather than being a blessing became a curse on the people. He became so powerful and tyrannical. He subjected his subjects to hard labour. They were expected to give part of their harvest to the Pere at the end of every harvest season. The people found these unbearable and desist from recognizing and serving him as their king. The Pere had no male child and so when he died his only daughter took away the emblems to where she married with the intention to give them or her children to ascend the throne. Instead of her children becoming the next Pere, a man not from the family in which his daughter married ascended the throne. His reign too was clouded with uncertainties and eventually he too died in agony. The kingdom was thus without a king for a long period of time. Because of the long absence of a king in the kingdom when the rightful owners of the throne wanted to enthrone a Pere, two families in Kabowei carne out to take the seat and so the then Bendel State instituted a commission of enquiry headed by one Iria whose finding gave back the throne to the original owners because he found to his satisfaction that the throne was hereditary. Thereafter the kingdom made the necessary arrangements and installed the late Pere who is the father of the present Pere about 25years ago. Added to the above is the fact that the present Pere is being installed and given Staff of Office as the Pere of Kabowei Kingdom.

Auto Biography of the Pere of Kabowei Kingdom

HRM Barrister Peremobowei Shad rack Erebulu was born on the 20th of October, 1987 into the family of HRM Luckie Mesharck Erebulu (late) of Aduo Royal lineage in Okruware Ruling House Patani, Delta State.

He attended Aduo Primary Patani, where he got his First School Leaving Certificate in 1997, and Boys Model Secondary School Patani, before proceeding to Command Secondary School in Ibadan where he obtained his SSCE in 2004, his leadership potentials started showing in Command Secondary School when he was made a Class Representative and House Captain of his Hostel upon graduation he bagged various awards.

In 2007 His Royal Majesty was admitted into the Delta State University to study Law and he graduated with flying colors bagging his LLB certificate in 2011, at the Delta State University, His Majesty’s leadership potentials was once more harnessed as he became a Student Union Activist right from his 100level, as he was elected to various  Student Leadership positions as a Parliamentarian, Representative, Student Union Treasurer, Secretary General of the Student Union government Delta State University Oleh Campus.

Upon graduation from Delta State University, he proceeded to the Nigeria Law School Enugu Campus 2011 and passed in flying colors in 2012 bagging a Bachelor of Law -BL. Certificate and was called to the Nigerian Bar as a Barrister and Solicitor of Federal Republic of Nigeria by the Chief Justice of Nigeria in October 2012.

He also served his country by partaking in the compulsory National Youth Service Coups (NYSC) scheme and carried out his primary assignment at the Law Firm of Otrofanowei and Otrofanowei in Effurun Delta State, during his service year as part of his Community development project he was able to secure freedom for Five (5) Inmates from the Warri Prisons in Delta State and was retained thereafter at the same Law Firm where he commenced active private Legal Practice.

With his desire for further Legal education, his Royal Majesty commenced Masters in Law program at the prestigious University of Benin in 2014 and completed the program in 2016 bagging his Master of Laws thereafter.

His Royal Majesty had his leadership potential harnessed again with his appointment as the Supervisory Counselor for Works in Patani Local Government Council by Chief Mrs. J. Abeki in 2014 a position he held until his traditional installation as the Pere of Kabowei Kingdom in August 2017.

HRM Barrister Peremobowei Shadrack Erebulu is happily married to a practicing lawyer Barr. Mrs. Ebidesabofa Erebulu and they are blessed with a child.

Herein attached is a comprehensive list f Chiefs of Kabowei Traditional Council


Chief Victor B.O. Ekiye Opu-Odubowei
Chief L.P. Ofoni Jp Pesidaowei
Chief F.B. Egbe, Jp Bulodara
Chief J.E.K Arror Tolumonwei
Chief Sen E.W.T Diffa, Jp Angodiowei
Chief E.O. Porbeni Sukoreowei
Chief Mrs. E. Offeh Bebetolomoara
Chief G.H.O. Enisuoh Opuogulapeleowei
Chief D.D. Tebiowei Ozituaowei
Chief B.O.B Nabena Birimowei
Chief G.B. Swalla Egberigbaowei
Chief C. Obakunowei Birimoara
Chief E.S. Emberru Feredeowei
Chief Maj. B.A. Oki Tubeinghaowei
Chief G.A. Pighi Okiriziteinowei
Chief Mrs. J.F. Abeki Kemetokoniara
Chief C.O. Youdeowei Foutubowei
Chief Ezekiel Alighomuwe Buruowei
Chief Dr. P.I. Sinebe Jp Bebeariowei
Chief F.E. Bowei Benabenemowei
Chief Mrs. D. Sinebe Yeigara
Chief Clement Bratubo Asiyaimieowei
Chief Mrs. Alice Siseri Buruara
Chief Mrs. E.I. Egbegi Ama-Ebidoara
Chief Lawrence Oki Bike-Ebediowei
Chief Patrick E. Ogun Owoufiniowei
Chief P.A. Eduke Amateriowei
Chief Waddel Torru Ebebenimowei
Chief P.S. Ebikebena Engokoreowei
Chief Prof. Ezonbodor Akwagbe Gesi-Ere
Chief Ebika Bebeteidoh Bebeariara
Chief Maryanne Okoro Donzuoara
Chief Collins Cocodia Ebi-Esomuweniowei
Chief Mrs. A. Okoro Bebetolomoara
Chief Richman Yinbiri Sukoreowei II
Chief Ebikife Nagberi Kabu-Eyerintareowei
Chief Mrs. Victoria Akemi Amatariara
Chief Julie Sukore Egomidiara
Chief Mrs. Dunoere Aguamah Amatolomoara
Chief F.P. Oki Okubogienowei
Chief Victoria Ogun Tugbeinghara
Chief E.O. Otogie Tolumowei II
Chief Sunday Bomabebe Ogbowei
Chief Mrs. C. Ebimami Bousaiara
Chief Ebi Oki Dautareowei
Chief M.C. Awele Egbupere
Chief F.J. Akpede Suala
Chief Edward Bribebe Peretuaowei
Chief D.A. Ekiye Ekiopreowei
Chief J.S. Oki Zorumbelemowei
Chief P.S. Kentebe Ebidowei
Chief P.D. Egbuson Ebetariowei
Chief F.B. Egbe Buloda-ara
Chief P. Buseni Ebekrumowei
Chief J.P. Abam Egberisibeowei
Chief E. Egbuson Honourary
Chief P.M. Nabena Adubenibirimowei
Chief R. Sinebe Egonidiowei
Chief Fairhurst Oki Selegeinowei
Chief H.N.O. Agada Ebenimiowei
Chief Ebiowei Terry Honourary
Chief Ebikebena Pathfinder Engokoreowei
Chief Moses Ekise Teinowei
Chief Luckie Bebeteidoh Perepalemowei
Chief L.E. Tarakeme Bebedeighaowei
Chief Dr. Chris Ekiyor Izon Ebidouowei
Chief John Emaran Fouyouowei



Chief Dr. E.K. Clark Honourary
Chief B.C. Bozimor Olukowei
Chief A. Eseimokumo Honourary
Chief T.J. Ketebu Oroupadowei
Chief W.O. Okrika Gbaleowei
Chief Engr. Bil William Mitieh Feredeowei
Chief Mrs. C.V. Mitieh Toniye
Chief Mrs. M.E. Okrika Yei-Ebidoara
Chief Jean-Marc Kergall Ebi-Egoniowei
Chief Hon Mrs. Justice R.P.I Bozimor Ogulasuoara
Chief Frank Akpoebi Okubodouowei
Chief Yankee Lawrence Okosumakede Egberigbaowei
Chief Talbot Feboke Abadedaowei
Chief James Manager Honourary
Chief T.T. Brown Okubodiowei
Chief Mrs. Theresa Oke Honourary
Chief H.N.D. Agedah Honourary
Chief Layibo Ekayama Mike Honourary
Chief H. Brisbey Alagbabolodaowei
Chief Usoro Johnson A. Egonibenamowei
Chief Sir Emmanuel Ebimami Honourary
Chief Mrs. Brighty Clara Ebimani Honourary
Chief Joseph Kentebe Honourary

Attached are photos from the event






This Page was sponsored by the Special Adviser to the President on Niger Delta and Coordinator of the Presidential Amnesty Programme, Brig-Gen. Paul Boroh (Rtd) 




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