Published On: Sat, Sep 2nd, 2017


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Going down memory lane in the history of bias Nigeria it is obvious that it is only sport that brings us regardless of tribes and ethnics together most especially Football. That is why sometimes I wish our leaders in the corridor of power outside of football, that is in the polity for example and all walks of Nigeria life can for once reciprocate the same mentality but it is unfortunate that the kind of leaders we have been producing apart from “Dr. GEJ” the rest to the best of my knowledge were simply old wine into new bottle, the worst of it all is that they do not have vision.


Let me again give us another typical example, if at all, all the so called former military heads of States crude oil owners can succeed in building the kind of stadium we have in Akwa Ibom under Dr. PGEJ transformation agenda trust me Nigeria by this time will have grown more than frustrating level that we are.

It is unfortunate these former heads of States are the biggest problem in Nigeria, the keen reason why bias Nigeria all this years is progressing in an error.

In as much these set of greedy former heads of state, keep on deciding who become President, Senator, Honourable or what have you believe you me bias Nigeria will continue to retrogress rather than progressing, this is simply because these old men (Former military heads of states with their allies stooge or cronies) with old fashion ideas overtime have succeeded in holding the Nigeria progress and sustainable development on hostage basically to protect their own personal gain at the detriment of majority Nigerians.

To crown it all the laudable achievement of a Doctor in Education and that of a former military heads of States with little or no educational background is crystal clear. Take a look at the NEST OF CHAMPION STADIUM international standard, honestly if a fellow Nigerian like Godswill Akpabio under Dr. GEJ transformation agenda can build such a reasonable project for the use of Nigerians, it then means we Nigerians have good people with good heart, who can employed the enormous resources at our disposal to make Nigeria a greater place to leave but unfortunately Nigerian masses for whatever unjustifiable reasons even when the truth is clear do not want to take the bowl by the horn and chart for a far better cause. Why must Nigerians continue to be voting for persons old enough to die to lead an intending progressing nation…no way nothing good can come out, because my people do say that when the head is bad so the entire body is bad.

All the same thank you sir, DR. GOODLUCK JONATHAN YOUR GIANT STRIDES will always stand in test of time.


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