Published On: Thu, Jul 6th, 2017


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The Special Adviser to the President on Niger Delta/Coordinator of the Presidential Amnesty Programme, Brigadier General Paul Tarela Boroh (Rtd.) is a man of strong self-awareness, with realistic self-assessment, self-regulation, trustworthiness, having a desire to achieve set objectives.

Whether you call it a vision, objective or set goal, a great leader sets clear objectives at all times to achieve set goals. Great leaders are also defined by their high level of personal discipline, honesty, vision and emotional intelligence. General Boroh, possess the qualities of great leader.

Gen. Boroh here listening attentively to Acting President Prof Yemi Osinbajo during one of there meetings

His persistent and fierce resolve on accomplishing his targets in the Presidential Amnesty Programme, has seen him wading through challenges that present themselves before him.

With sincerity of purpose, Gen. Boroh has today carved a niche for himself as a peace builder across the Niger Delta, just as he has endeared himself to the people of the region, particularly the youths through his action oriented initiatives that have empowered several youths in several communities in the region, hence the overwhelming support from the people at the grassroots.

Gen. Boroh is a meticulous leader that would always want to put his feet down to do the needful in order to achieve his goals in office. He translates his vision to reality by taking the most appropriate actions in line with the mandate of his office without fear or favour.

A great leader does not only manage human and material resources well, but rather, an agent of change himself, when the need arises. Gen. Boroh is a shining example in this regard, with the right understanding of the implications of change; hence he is prepared to face the results that change may bring.

Because of his positive disposition towards change, the Presidential Amnesty Programme has a worn human face, where beneficiaries have access to talk to any person, including the Coordinator himself on phone directly or through Amnesty Call Centre phone lines.

He is able to take calculated risks and borne the consequences of the decisions he makes without making a big deal out of them.

Gen. Boroh also knows that taking risks could also create opportunities as well. This appetite for positive risks taking is seen as boldness in great leaders.

Importantly, a great leader inspires people through creating effective communication channels with a view to disseminating critical information that would impact positively on the people and cause them to be motivated to act upon their collective interest to achieve their aspirations.




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