Published On: Sun, Apr 2nd, 2017


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Press Release

1st April, 2017


President Mohammadu Buhari as a public figure is answerable to the people who foot his bills. The President is being funded by the taxpayers money and thus he is under obligation both in law and under all known conventional practices to be accountable to the people who gave him their mandates. It is safe to demand that Buhari should declare his health status to Nigerians together with the money he has spent to treat himself in the United kingdom. Refusal of the Government to disclose the money spent on the President’s health is the greatest disservice to Nigerians.

We are baffled with gross consternation over Alhaji Lai Mohammed’s sermonization that the money spent on Buhari’s health will not be disclosed for security reasons. We believed that there is no security threat for Buhari to declare his health status known to Nigerians and or furnish us with the money he has spent on his health. Concealing such vital information from the prying public is to say the least is the corruption itself. If security should be an excuse from disclosing public money the Government has spent on public servants then the law can also preclude public office holders from declaring their assets as required by the Code of Conduct Bureau Act.

The Government should not be given us flimsy excuses in informing Nigerians of what Buhari do with the public funds entrusted in him. Now that the Government’s slogan is to ride corruption of the public institutions, it should not be seeing doing an act that harbours corruption. The Government cannot be flouting the relevant provisions of the laws of the land, especially the Freedom of Information Act and the 1999 Constitution. We are calling on the Government to do what is right in the eyes of the laws otherwise we may take some necessary legal steps to compel it to do the right thing. President Buhari swore on oath to protect the laws of the land and not to breach them with impunity. It’s for public good, public safety and public morality that Mr President inform Nigerians of the details of his health and how much he has spent to treat himself. This is the demonstration of the Government’s sincerity in upholding its much chorused “Change Must Begin With Me” new national orientation that it has introduced to Nigerians.


Alaowei C. Ebikonbowei Esq

National President.

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