Published On: Tue, Mar 28th, 2017


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March 27, 2017.


The attention of the National leadership of the Ijaw Youth Council -IYC Worldwide has been drawn to a statement issued by Mr. EbiWaribigha dated the 24th March, 2017 and series of calls and rumors relating to a purported forthcoming IYC election.  Considering the wrong impressions created in the minds of IYC members and the public; the IYC National leadership wishes to state as follows:

  1. That the National leadership of the IYC under Eric Omare, Esq has no business whatsoever with the EbiWaribigha purported electoral committee.
  2. Ijaw youths and the general public should completely disregard EbiWaribigha’s statement on Eric Omare withdrawing as leader of the IYC. Mr. EbiWaribigha is not Spokesman to IYC President, Eric Omare; hence he cannot speak for him. Furthermore, the legality of EbiWaribigha’s committee is already been challenged in a competent Court of law.
  3. The IYC leadership is open to constructive dialogue to reconcile those aggrieved with the outcome of the Burutu IYC Elective Convention. Dissatisfaction with outcome of election is not strange and this is not the first in the history of the IYC.
  4. We support the reconciliatory efforts been led by the Deputy Governor of Delta State, Dcn. Kingsley Otuaro on zonal and chapter basis so as to reconcile all aggrieved IYC members and bring peace and unity to the IYC.
  5. The purported EbiWaribigha Committee has no role to play in the reconciliation process. We strongly advise EbiWaribigha as an elder in the IYC to support reconciliation efforts in the Central zone where he hails from.
  6. We also call on all IYC members, especially Clan Chairmen, Zonal leadership and Parliamentarians to completely disregard rumors and lies been promoted to the effect that another election would be conducted by the EbiWaribigha purported Electoral Committee wherein members of the present National Executive Council of the IYC would participate.

Signed for the Ijaw Youth Council -IYC Worldwide:

Barr. Henry Iyalla

Spokesman, IYC.


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