Published On: Sat, Mar 18th, 2017


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Press Statement

18th March, 2017


Ongoing peace moves undertaking by the Vice President Prof. Yemi Osinbajo is a sign of good things to happen in the Niger Delta. The Vice President has not only build confidence in the minds of the people but he has also secured a means to achieving lasting peace in the region. We are very happy that Prof. Osinbajo presented a graphic picture of the Niger Delta plight to his principal. Nothing is more glaring than Osinbajo’s report on the sufferings of the Niger Delta people in the midst of abundance. He has vindicated our collective struggle for economic-cum political emancipation of the region from the decades of economic woes and political subjugation.

Let Nigerians and the World appreciate the fact that Niger Delta region is under economic-cum political colony in Nigeria. The people are being relegated to beaming end thereby suffering an untold economic attrition in the hands of successive Nigerian governments in collaboration with the multi-national oil companies. No amount of palliative measures being put in place by successive governments by way of interventionist agencies is enough to tackle the years of economic/despoliation, degradation, exploitation and pillaging of the region by the oil companies under the gleeful eyes of the oppressive and repressive Nigerian government.

Just as the Vice President rightfully suggested, the region needs government’s special attention to redress the years of economic strangulation. The government in addition to its recommendations and promises provide extra budgetary allocations to the interventionist agencies in the region in order to adequately address the developmental needs of the people.

On the new directive by President Buhari on the Vice President to lead the Niger Delta peace delegation, we are not comfortable with it. The directive is a rehearsal of a prepared and acted script. The Vice

President does not need to lead any delegation as he is already in the saddle of such delegation. The directive we need from Mr. President is to give matching order to implement the recommendations of the Vice President Prof. Yemi Osinbajo has led a delegation to the region under Presidential fiat to see things himself and engaged the people in a constructive dialogue. What further dialogue should he be leading when it’s time to implement the Government’s promises?

We hope that this is not a tactics to pool wool over our eyes. The process of dialogue has been concluded as far as the Vice President’s visit to the region is concerned. Buhari should not be talking of dialogue because the era we are now is for the Government’s response to the yearnings of the people. The issues of relocation of the oil companies’ corporate headquarters to the region and the conversion of local refinery operators into Modular refineries are begging for Government’s immediate attention. The Government’s conspiracy of silence to the continued incarceration of the prisoners of circumstances in its custody is threatening the existing peace. This is one of the preconditions to peace in the region.



Alaowei Cleric Esq.

National President.



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