Published On: Sun, Mar 5th, 2017


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By Sunday Koinyan


It was a good move for the past Presidents of the IYC to have come together to reconcile the past National Executive members but the move came a bit late (3 days to the expiration of that Executives) and was wrongly premised on election past Presidents, they had differences with some of their Executive members, but those Executives members never went ahead as dissidents to attempt to form a parallel Executives until the court stopped them from doing so.

The IYC is a Constitutional Organization, and the Constitution has been the bedrock of the council.  Some sections that concern Elections and Organs of Council were amended at the Ofunema Constitutional Convention. Prior to the Ofunema Convention the administration of Abiye wanted to amend the Constitution at the last days of his tenure but this move was rejected because you can’t change the rules at the middle of the game, hence the next administration after his was mandated to amend the Constitution.

The whole amendment followed due process to the last day at Ofunema and someone like J.P Owoupele was not only there, but contributed to its amendment and this call into question the integrity (greed or patriotism of certain characters in the IYC.

The Patani meeting was able to recognize the power of the National President of IYC as the only authority that can call for a National Convention, but it failed to query all acts of insubordinations and unpatriotic acts by the dissident former Executive members and also failed to acknowledge the several peace efforts by the past President of IYC Engr. Udengs Eradiri
Some important things to note here is that:

(1) Was it within powers of the past National President of IYC
Udengs Eradiri to call for a National convention? The answer
is Yes

(2) Is it within the powers of the National Convention to select and inaugurate the Executives among other things? The answer is Yes

(3) Was the Burutu Electoral Convention legal? The answer is Yes

(4) Was Barr. Eric Omare and his Executive council legally elected? The answer is Yes

(5) Was the purported decision of the past Presidents of IYC who are now in INC legal to disband an Eleco constituted by a National
Convention? The answer is No

(6) Do past Presidents of IYC have the powers to call for a National Convention when there is a sitting President? The answer is No.

Going by the above, it is clear that the proposed social gathering by some youths in Okrika today 5th March 2017 in the name of Unity
Convention is an exercise with no legal backing. We already
have a new President of Council and his formidable Executives that
is already piloting the affairs of the Ijaw Youths for the next 3 years. We all should come together and give them all the support they need to succeed.

More importantly it is also worthy to note that the IYC is not in its formative stage that a group of persons will just come together to call for a convention as part of the process of forming an organization.Therefore it is good to submit herein that supporting in-subordination and dissidence will set a bad precedence.

We thank God the Burutu election of new IYC Executives has helped to show that dissidence and in-subordination cannot survive the strong will of a purposeful leadership and people

Sunday Koinyan is a concern Ijaw Youth from Bayelsa State

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