Published On: Fri, Jan 27th, 2017

Patani Power Supply Situation

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His Excellency The Executive Governor of Delta State, Sen Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa,

All political office holders in Patani LGA

Gathered here today in a peaceful protest is a collection of Patani indigenes, men, youth and women. Haven endured the pain of being denied the opportunities of enjoying public Power supply ordinarily available to citizens in many other communities of equal standing, we decided to raise our voices.

We observed that our young ones are migrating to urban areas, businesses failing or cannot expand for lack of electricity supply, hence Patani our beloved Community is slowly becoming a place where businesses cannot thrive, where only those who have the financial capacity to install generators can enjoy the benefits of power supply while the majority of the masses suffer in the heat of darkness at night and the lack of the multiplier benefits that the availability of Public power brings.

It is this frustration that brought us all out here today to express our disappointment not because our leaders are responsible for this suffering; Indeed the BEDC is probably deliberately working to deny Patani of its shine, but our concern has been the fact that it looks like no one is doing anything to reverse the trend. Individuals and groups have in times past played different roles and our interest is not to Xray the past but to seek a solution to this blackout that has rendered us helpless and hapless.

His Excellency, this is the reason why we have chosen to come out en-mass today to appeal to you to consider our Matter as your matter. We realise that getting this electricity issue resolved may require huge economic, political and/or legal options and as such we feel that as the Governor of this state, you are in the best position to galvanise the resources both human and financial to intervene in a bid to resolving this crisis that has turned a perennial one.

We plead that you look into this Patani light issue as the Headquarters of the Patani LGA that has remained in darkness for three long years now.

Long live Delta State.

Long live His Excellency.

Long live Patani.

The Coalition of Patani LGA Youths (COPY) is a group that is desirous of political, social and economic development of Patani that is willing to send members who are engineers, lawyers or financial experts to contribute intellectually on possible options.

Thank you for your attention.


Anderson Frukama

For Coalition of Patani LGA youths (COPY)


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