Published On: Tue, Jan 24th, 2017


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By Ajagbini O Samson

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President Mohammadu Buhari

President Mohammadu Buhari

As we, the Foundation For Ijaw Youth Empowerment, FIYE, look into the year 2016 in retrospect, statistics shows that the GMB led-administration performed far below average in terms of good governance in particular. However, we observe that;

  1. The hardship and suffering of Nigerians right from the inception of this administration in the past 12months and so is due to the present administration’s introduction of bad policies and its inability to separate politics from governance.
  1. The hunger level within the last 12 to 14 months, which is the highest and most fierce in the history of our country is not because of shortage in oil production from an expected 2.4million barrel per day to1.5million barrel per day. It is because of shortage in supply of food items due to the ban on rice and other food items importation, at a time when there is not sufficient production of such in the country.
  1. The Nigerian economy is in recession not because of activities of Niger Delta Avengers, but because of the government’s lack political-will in addressing salient Niger Delta issues and Mr. President’s negative body-language towards the region in chasing and arresting her ex-agitators. This approach never helped the Nigerian economy that is 90 percent dependent on the Niger Delta oil resources for survival.
  1. Foreign and local investors relocated from Nigeria to neighboring countries, not because the Naira is N490 to the dollar, but due loss of confidence and uncertainty in doing business in the country, as this administration made it business-unfriendly.
  1. The unnecessary power tussle between the Executive and Legislative arms of government has being an impediment to progress in governance.

Nevertheless, looking onto the year 2017 in prospect, we hereby urge Mr. President, as a matter of exigency to;

  1. Introduce economic policies capable of providing business-friendly environment to attract investors.
  1. Be sensitive to Niger Delta issues and separate or differentiate politics from governance when addressing the region’s plights. Mr. President must invoke the right political mind-set towards the region that is synonymous to the Eagle that lays the Golden Egg.
  1. That it’s high-time the Executive and Legislature shed politics and bury their axes when dealing with paramount economic matters that would be benevolent to all Nigerians, (THE GOVERNED).
  1. The Executive and National Assembly must also enforce Local Government Autonomy without delay, not only because it is the third tier of government in a presidential system of government which we practice in Nigeria as enshrined in the constitution but also because it is the grass-root government and no meaningful development can be achieved without its’ political and financial Autonomy.
  1. The Legislative arm of government must start working for the betterment of Nigerians, most especially the masses they represent. The National Assembly should throw its’ energy towards the passage of the Petroleum Industry Bill without further procrastination, since it will have positive effect on all Nigerians, even the host communities of the multinational oil companies and shall contribute immensely to the revamping of our economy.

No amount or degree of Cabal or Mafias should influence a set-back in the process of passing the PIB, if the National Assembly is truly patriotic.



Comrade Ajagbini O Samson

President, Foundation For Ijaw Youth Empowerment, FIYE

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