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October 21, 2016

We are only as strong as we are united and weak as we are divided. According to White T. H, the destiny of a Man is to unite, not to divide. If you keep on dividing you end up as a collection of monkeys throwing nuts to each other out of separate trees.

The Ijaw tribe is the Fourth Largest tribe in Nigeria, cutting across the 7 Niger Delta states that are 90% riverine base on the aquatic lifestyle and occupation of the People.


Gov. Seriake Dickson of Bayelsa State

Before now, the issue of rallying point among the Ijaw states was seen as a big bone in our throats before the Emergence of Gov. Henry Seriaki Dickson.

Gov. Seriaki Dickson, right from the day he assumed office in July 14 2012, has never played politics with bringing the Ijaw together; he has countlessly shown his Love and passion for the Ijaw race, the tribe that he proudly belongs to. One fundamental quality of a good leader is the ability to unite people and build them to work as a strong team.

A good leader should be ready to foster peace and unite the people irrespective of political differences.

Governor Henry Seriaki Dickson, knowing the need to bring the Ijaws together and protect our identity, established the Ministry of of Ijaw National affairs in 2012 which latter changed to the Bureau for Arts and Culture, Bayelsa State.

The Establishment of this Bureau was/is aimed at achieving a global recognition of the Ijaw race; it’s an earnest desire of Gov. Dickson to uphold the potentials of the arts and cultural heritage of the fourth largest tribe in the Country.

For the love of the Ijaw race and the need to project and protect our heritage, Gov. Dickson declares July 31st of every year as Ijaw Musical and Cultural Day in Bayelsa State. This was done in a bid to ignite our patriotism and project the Ijaw heritage.

It’s worthy to note that under the able leadership of Gov. Seriaki Dickson, non-indigenes living in Bayelsa State were given a good recognition by the appointment provided for them into hold various positions in order to contribute their quotas in the development of Bayelsa State that is otherwise known as the head quarter of the Ijaw Nation. Never have we seen or heard of a Leader that is so poised with the love of his people to the extent of embracing the people from outside the State handle sensitive positions in government of Bayelsa State.

There are about 526 languages in Nigeria, must of which are rapidly going extinct, including our own Izon language. In recognition of this very disturbing fact His Excellency Governor Henry Seriaki Dickson, approved the appointment of 30 teachers to teach the Izon (Ijaw Ezon Ijo) language in primary Schools in Bayelsa State.

Before now, the pidgin English almost took the place of the Izon language in our Society. It almost supplanted our language in School campuses and market places. Successive administrations only paid lip-service to our culture but they were not proactive in taking measures to reverse the trend.

Gov. Serials Dickson is clearly obsessed with anything that has to do with the development and upward climb of the Ijaw Nation. With his visionary mien, Gov. Dickson thinks beyond Bayelsa State, his overarching vision is to unite the Ijaw worldwide.

He has pragmatized this by awarding scholarship to dozens of teachers teaching the Ijaw language. He has established a SCHOOL OF LANGUAGES and has commissioned the more than 12 books to be written in the various Ijaw languages. This Ijaw Project has been completed and commissioned. Governor Seriake Dickson is a quintessential Pan-IJAW nationalist after the likes of King Diete Spiff, Dr. Amba Ambaowei, Harold Dappa-Biriye, Ernest Sesei Okilo, Senator Melford Okilo among others.


Lovers of good Governance have seen Gov. Seriake Dickson as a leader who is imbued with the vision and mission as a rallying point in Pan-Ijaw nationalism.

It was he who brought the body of Late. Jasper Isaac Adaka Boro home for burial at the Hero’s Park in Yenagoa the Bayelsa State capital. The Transparency Briefing, which he initiated, is now a riveting model of fiscal transparency. His use of direct labour to execute public projects is being copied by progressive Leaders. His policy of all inclusivity is begging for replication across the country. He is Mao and Yew of sort who has revolutionized the thinking of our people across the political spectrum. He towers above his predecessors.

Bayelsa State is blessed with a caring leader, a friend of the people and a God fearing man.

Abel Ifiemi is the SOCIAL MEDIA AST to the Bayelsa State Government

Culled from – Niger Delta Times.


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