Published On: Thu, Jan 5th, 2017


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MISSION: Successful Execution of the DDR Program of the PAP

To Explore, Build and Harness the Inherent Human Capacities of the Ex Agitators for Societal Emancipation


After the Disarmament and Demobilization of the Ex Niger Delta Agitators, the concluding and most crucial stage of the DDR Program of the Presidential Amnesty Program is the Reintegration of the 30,000 Ex-Agitators and 5,000 beneficiaries into the social economic Mainstream of the Nation. This has to to with giving them the relevant Education, Vocational and Entrepreneurial Skills to prepare them for Job Placement or Self Employment. About 17,000 have gone through this stage out of which 2,500 are gainfully employed both in the public and private Sectors. About 3,000 are yet to Graduate, while we still have a balance of approximately 8,000 Delegates awaiting Deployment and Empowerment.

This is the Acid Test of the Program and the stage where about 60 Percent DDR programs collapse if not adequately managed due to Limited Job Opportunities, inadequate training and Lack of Funds. We cannot risk allowing Restless youths to stay Idle after Training. On Assumption of Office I immediately opened up consultations and Collaborations with relevant Agencies and Private Sectors as Strategic Partners, with the aim of Securing Job Placements and Setting up SMEs for Delegates to be Self-employed and become Employers of Labour.


INTERNATIONAL OIL COMPANIES -IOCs. My Office has since setup a Joint Working Committee with the IOCs through their Oil and Gas International Foundation with the Aim of Securing Jobs for the Presidential Amnesty Program PAP delegates. About 2,000 of the Delegates actually Acquired Skills that are Relevant to the Oil and Gas Sectors and about 500 or more are in Training. This is very Strategic in Developing Local Content in the Oil and Gas Sector.

LOCAL CONTENT DEVELOPMENT AND MONITORING BOARD. -Similarly we have held several meetings with the Management of this Agency and established a technical Working Committee to help ensure the IOCs Engage or Employ about 2000 of our Trained Delegates in the Oil and Gas Sector.

NIGER DELTA DEVELOPMENT COMMISSION NDDC. -We have also built a Robust Inter Agency Relationship (a technical working committee) with NDDC to explore about 1500 of our delegates in Employment opportunities as well. We have about 500 Trained Manpower in Skills relevant to their developmental Projects especially in Civil Engineering amongst others.

DEVELOPMENT BANKS. – There are ongoing Negotiations with Central Bank, Nigeria Development Bank, Bank of Industries, Bank of Agriculture and others with the Aim of creating Enablement for Sustaining Amnesty beneficiaries (MSMEs) in the Region. We are tapping into The Central Bank Initiative to grow MSMEs in the Country, The Bank of Industries Support for Industrialization, The Bank of Agriculture Support Structure for Agro Business and of course Friendly Credit Facilities have been initiated.

THE ARMED FORCES AND PARAMILITARY COMMANDS. The Robust Relationship with my Comrade At Arms paved the way for effective collaboration in our Sustainable Reintegration drive. First we Secured their Cooperation and Consultations on the framework for engaging the Amnesty Delegates and the modus operandi is currently been worked out.

INTERNATIONAL AGENCIES. -These include the UNDP, DFAD, USAID and others are coming forward with their Various Proposals and Suggestions for Synergies to Sustaining the Reintegration of the Presidential Amnesty Program. I am using my experience in Security in collaboration with other security agencies to screen such offers.


The DDR is a Novel program and so far has managed to keep the Fragile Peace in the region, which among others has ensure that Nigeria rebounded oil Production from a Miserable 700,000 Barrel Per Day to approximately 2,500,000 Barrels Per day. The peace has come at a high Cost and must be guarded jealously by all Stakeholders to achieve Sustainable Reintegration of the Beneficiaries of the Presidential Amnesty Program into the National Social Economic Mainstream to guarantee stability and development of the Niger Delta Region of Nigeria and beyond.

brig-gen-paul-boroh-2-pixGen. PT Boroh (rtd.)
Special Adviser to the President on Niger Delta Affairs and Coordinator,
Presidential Amnesty Programme


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