Published On: Tue, Dec 13th, 2016

My Council Generally Consisted Of Men And Women Of Integrity… -Prof Kimse Okoko

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My attention has been drawn by some well-meaning Bayelsans and others to recent Newspaper reports credited to Governor Dickson and his attack dogs that he was ready to probe me again the years I served as a Pro chancellor of the Niger Delta University and that I had plundered the resources of the institution during my tenure.

Which resources if I may ask? What a stupid and mean lie. What an insult. To be sure, there were no resources to plunder in the first place. Ordinarily, I would not have condescended to respond to Dickson and his attack dogs but for his audacity to question my integrity, the only property I have.

Firstly, I wish to remind Mr. Dickson and his attack dogs that he had on assumption of duty as Governor during his first disastrous tenure, set up a panel to probe the activities of the Niger Delta University including the council which I chaired and found us not guilty of any misappropriation of funds or embezzlement and was in fact commended.

So, let him go ahead to waste his time once more, as he continues to govern without any purpose or aim.

It is an open secret in Bayelsa that Dickson and his government takes pride in lying. Just a few examples would do for now. He claimed recently, that he had constructed some roads in NDU. It is a lie. No such roads were constructed.

Similarly, he recently claimed through his attack dogs that he did rehabilitate some roads in Yenagoa and its environs. Again it is a Lie. No such roads were rehabilitated by his government. Unfortunately for him, the roads were listed this time in the publications and the NDDC immediately refuted his claim stating that it was the NDDC that rehabilitated those roads! Dickson and his agents have so far (and they cannot) not contested the NDDC’S claims.

These are the kinds of lies Dickson and his attack dogs bask in. It has indeed become a disturbing pattern of telling lies. Now, it is senseless to say that I plundered the non-existent resources of the NDU. If he knows the University structure he could not have even as a night student said so.

I was not the Vice-Chancellor who is the administrative head of the University. In any case, the best years of the NDU were in fact during the six (6) years I served as the Pro-Chancellor along with the exemplary erudite and astute scholar and administrator Prof Chris Ikporukpo as the Vice-Chancellor and the highly competent and efficient Sir David Suowari as the Registrar of the University. Thus for example, with very limited resources, we were able to get virtually all our programs accredited only for Dickson to deconstruct our architecture when about eleven (11) programs lost their accreditation. And yet he declared (thunderously and in his usual bombastic and empty manner) Education as an emergency. What a charade.

Besides, it is on record that virtually all the structures in the new site in NDU mostly funded by TETFUND and some of the few at the old site by the then State government was started and completed during my tenure as Pro Chancellor and absolutely free of any corrupt practices.

Dickson and his attack dogs can check it out. These are irrefutable facts. Here, I must remind Dickson and his attack dogs as I have always done any where I work, that I am incorruptible. Period.

My Council generally consisted of men and women of integrity who were committed to selfless service and I am proud to have been part of the team. As for the other asinine innuendos and lies, I shall not waste any efforts to comment.

Finally, Mr. Dickson, I will advise you to face the case I have led against you on the dubious so called African International University and may also wish to remind you, that your immunity does not preclude your being investigated while in office. It only delays the real test of accountability when the EFCC takes over at the end of your three (3) more painful years of guaranteed failure in erratic governance.

Good luck.


prof-kimse-okoko-pixProf. Kimse Okoko



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