Published On: Fri, Nov 25th, 2016


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November 25, 2016


The Ijaw Youth Council (IYC) says that the military killing of innocent Ijaw villagers at Okosugbene, Gbekebor in Ogbolubiri Kingdom, Burutu Local Government Area of Delta State and the shooting of children at Desemor Community, Ogbe-Ijoh Kingdom in Warri South West Local Governemnt Area of Delta State in the early and late hours respectively of Thursday, November 24, 2016 is senseless, the height of unprofessionalism and crime against humanity. The IYC wonders how the Nigerian military would embark on aerial and land bombardment of innocent villagers at the small fishing camp of Okosugbene on very weak intelligent reports that militants were around the area. If the intention of the military is fish out militants; why the killing of old women and children? At the time of issuing this statement, Madam Atuku, an octogenarian is in a state of coma in a private hospital in Warri as a result of the effect of the bombings apart from several innocent people especially children that were killed and injured.

As if the innocent killings at Okosugbene in the early hours of Thursday, November 24, 3016 were not enough, the Nigerian Navy also went berserk in the evening of Thursday, November 24, 2016 in continuation of the spilling of the blood of innocent Ijaw people by shooting sporadically into Desemor Community, Ogbe-Ijoh Kingdom directly opposite Warri township and injured several people. At as this morning (Friday, November 25, 2016), the following persons who are mainly children sustained serious gunshot injuries and are in critical state at the Naval Clinic in Warri: 1. Master Andrew Okilo, 2. Money Girl Okilo, 3. Alice Ogbomi, 4. Joseph Ogbomi, 5. Mrs. Wisdom Ogbomi,  6. Blessing Ogbomi, 7. Perelade Ogbomi  and 8. Mrs. China-Ere David. The world would recall that just recently on January 29th and 30th , 2016 and throughout the night of May 30th to May 31st, 2016 respectively, same officers from the Nigerian Navy, Warri barracks shot into Naifor Island also opposite the Warri township and seriously injured  a couple (Mr. and Mrs. Tiemo). This couple is yet to recover fully from the injuries sustained and the military has abandoned them to their faith.

The IYC in the strongest term condemn these unprovoked attacks on Ijaw people and communities and call on all lovers of humanity to join in condemnation. The Ijaws have not done anything to warrant such a treatment from the military under President Buhari. These attacks are provocative and our people are being pushed to react. If the Nigerian government cannot protect Ijaw people and communities, then we may be forced to protect ourselves against such attacks in the future. We call on the international community especially the United Nations Human Rights Commission to prevail on the Buhari administration to protect the rights of the Ijaw people to life. Ijaws are being killed like animals on a daily basis in the Niger Delta region without justification. These unprovoked and extra-judicial killings must stop.

Signed for the Ijaw Youth Council (IYC) worldwide:

Eric Omare


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