Published On: Tue, Oct 18th, 2016


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Joint Press Statement
on the 18th October, 2016

Our hearts filled with joy over the news that Mr. President is inviting Niger Delta leaders to commence the process of dialogue. This is what we have being yearning for. We view the invitation as a commitment to addressing the issues once and for all. We therefore commend President Buhari for fixing a date to meet with the Pan Niger Delta group for peaceful resolution of the region’s question. It is a fact that our coming together as a nation in 1960 was a product of negotiation and so we believe that the solution to our present differences still lies in dialogue. We advise that the Federal Government should use this medium to give a finishing touch to the reoccurring debacles in the region.

Those who are representing the region in the proposed meeting should on no account do their own bidding other than the template suggested by the militants. Members of the NIGER DELTA Avengers (NDA) have stated clearly that one of the templates for dialogue is the restructuring of Nigeria into six regions. We want them to note that the militants also demanded as part of their suggested template for the dialogue is for the process to be mediated by home countries of all the multinational oil cooperation as well as other neutral international mediators. We therefore urge the Pan NIGER-DELTA group to stick to this template. Anything short of this will not be accepted by our generation. The desire of our generation is to resolve in totality the issues that have bedeviled the growth of the NIGER-DELTA region which has placed the people in a near slavery status. It is not our wish to bequeath to our children this pitiably slavish entity.

To say that Nigeria does not need restructuring is to stand truth on the head. Conventionally, Nigeria has six regions. Prominent Citizens from four regions out of six have asserted that the Country as it is, needs to be restructured along regional line. The present system of government is an aberration from the system of government fashioned out by the British government at independent. What we have presently is a unitary system under the guise of federal system. This practice has made the federating states to become lazy and some out right parasites. It is our wish that the dialogue team stick to this template. What the NIGER DELTA people need presently is not a short term palliative measures but a permanent solution to the region question and by extension the Nigeria project. We want a peace with honour and not a peace of our time.

We also believe that a man, who is going for negotiation, will not have the prerogative to give the one who is paying his bills his own terms and conditions. On this note, we urge the leadership of Pan NIGER-DELTA group not to accept any financial incentives in form of hotel accommodation, feeding and entertainment money from the Buhari led administration. We believe that their voices will be stronger if the piper is not being sponsored by the one he is negotiating with. This is a generational call to service, a suicidal sacrifice whose end product is to liberate the region from her decade’s woes. The NIGER DELTA people demand sacrifice from those of you, whom by divine providence, are privileged to negotiate on behalf of hapless people of the region. History will remember you if you get it right. It will be a great disservice to the people of the region if our representatives demand for any financial gratification from the Federal Government in the proposed meeting.

While we do not intend to put a question mark on the pedigrees of some persons that constitute the contact committee.  We will like to encourage those that are politically exposed on issues relating to corruption, to withdraw from the team in order to avoid the Department of State Service’s (DSS) midnight and uninvited visitation, intimidation or better still Sting Operations.

Barr. Dickson Bekederemo
President – Niger Delta Security Watch Organisation of Nigeria;

Fred Brisibe,
Coordinator – Ijaw Human Rights Monitors;

Comrade Austin Ozobo,
President – Ijaw Peoples Development Initiative;

Alaowei Cleric Esq.,
National President, Foundation for Human Rights and Anti-Corruption Crusade (FHRACC)


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