Published On: Tue, Sep 13th, 2016


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September 11, 2016


▪ in his reply to Thursday Segun Adeniyi’s article in Thisday.

Segun, your credibility keeps diminishing by the day. You are very self-righteous and naive. You were in government with Yaradua and you failed spectacularly. That’s right, you FAILED in front of the whole world and the record is there for all to see.

All this your self-righteous write ups will not change anything because we were here when you kept drumming support for Buhari. None of you asked a few questions..

  1. Had the man done anything to improve his knowledge in any form?
  2. Had the man liaised with or partook in anything that would show that he had a firm grasp of the issues of modern Nigeria?
  3. Did the man truly have what it took to run a country as diverse as Nigeria? NONE of you including Dele Momodu, and Simon Kolawole who shamelessly pushed this man asked any of these questions.

You never asked whether he was actually the best candidate APC could put forward. You jumped on the bandwagon because you thought we in the SW will take control because Buhari is not as educated or exposed as the VP.

You failed to learn from history that Fulanis never share power with anyone. Baba Awo made the same fatal mistake and Timubu in his stupidity as done the same. Yes we have betrayed the whole South twice for crumbs. And the stench is all over us.

So you can keep trying to assuage your conscience but the Igbos and the others including the Middle Belt see through our shenanigans. The earlier we admit this collossal error, the better.

Stop writing crap!!!! Pa Ayo Adebanjo was right and all of you were wrong. Even if there was a desire for change, did you even consider the fact that Buhari was ill suited for this job in this modern era?? Now you are here trying desperately to justify your stupidity!!

Jonathan was miles better than Buhari. Just look. They labeled Jonathan clueless but look at what God has done. Who is truly clueless today?? When you ride into town on a basket of lies, the lies will eventually emit the stench and cover the person riding on the basket.

What we have is a very divided nation on the precipice. The economy was performing wonderfully and business was booming. Forget all the nonsense and justifications that semi illiterate in Finance right now is saying. She cannot get the job done.

Neither can the VP and all those guys there because they are square pegs in round holes. You can get the brightest architects and put them in a court room to act as lawyers and they will fail fantastically. That is what is happening.


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